"This book tells about mistakes. It says that creative work is impossible without experimenting. It focuses on being open to unexpected outcomes and being able to spot new opportunities there. The book conveys how difficult it is to let yourself make mistakes, and how it gets even more difficult with years. It deals with my own wish to be someone who is still not afraid of making mistakes, i.e. experimenting and creating new things."

Self-published, September 2015
A5+, 52 varied pages. 
13 b&w photographs, 17 color superpositions
Languages: Russian, English
Total limited edition of only 250 copies, signed and numbered

© Photo, text, design — Pavel Kosenko, Moscow, 2015
© Curating, page-proofs — SREDA Creative Lab, Moscow, 2015
© Translating — Pavel Gafarov, Moscow 2015
© Printing, hand-assembly — SREDA Books, Moscow, 2015
© Information support — Treemedia Content Oy, Helsinki, 2015

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