Bad Photos #1 (2015-2017)

Bad Photos #1 (2015-2017)
Here are 24 low-quality photographs with excessive grain and distorted colors. They were taken on Adox Color Implosion film, the name of which hides a slide that has been expired for several decades.

They were shot on old plastic cameras with primitive optics and compromised light isolation. The films were developed using a non-native process for which they were not designed. The scans were additionally distorted in a graphic editor before printing.
The geography of the shoots is not systematic. One picture was taken in Cuba (Cienfuegos), two in Georgia (Tsalka, Khertvisi), three in Ukraine (Mirgorod, Landari), five in Armenia (Sevan, Saghmosavan, Tatev) and thirteen in Russia (Moscow, Tarusa, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Teriberka).
The shooting was done in 2015-2017. These dates are not tied to any events and are not conditioned by anything.

The photos in this project are not united by any meaning. The author has no answers to the questions why he shot them, what he wanted to say and why he demonstrates them to the viewer.